Portrait of PTSD: veteran mental health in the media

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Recent BBC drama Bodyguard has been praised for its accurate portrayal of combat-related PTSD. Tom McDonald spoke to the experts and those living with the condition to gauge its impact. Depictions of combat-related post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in media have been around for some time. The most common symptom shown within the media is […]

Veterans across Britain set to receive highest military and civilian award, Légion d’Honneur

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In 2014, on the 70thanniversary of the D-Day landings, then-president of France Francois Hollande announced that British soldiers involved in the operation, which is widely considered the beginning of the end for the German war effort, would receive France’s highest military and civilian order of merit, the Légion d´Honneur. Award Although normally reserved for French […]

Comparing Britain’s attitude towards the Armed Forces community

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A new study by YouGov has revealed that Brits are split between who in the Armed Forces they would consider a hero.  Ever since 2009, the UK has celebrated Armed Forces Day, an extension of the previous Veterans Day celebration. It was implemented to raise awareness and appreciation for those who serve or had served […]

RAF veteran Harry Leslie Smith is taking one last stand against inequality

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Harry Leslie Smith is an RAF veteran who survived the Great Depression and World War II to become a vocal advocate for the UK’s democratic institutions. Now at the grand age of 95, Harry is touring refugee camps to make one last stand.  It was the 2008 financial crisis that hit a nerve for the […]

4 PARA reserves complete half marathon to raise money for Erskine

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Members of the A company 4th Battalion Parachute Regiment (4 PARA) completed a half marathon yesterday (30 September) to raise money for veterans’ charity Erskine.  Ten reserve paratroopers from 4 PARA took part in the Great Scottish Run half marathon while carrying a weighted began each. Erskine t-shirts were attached to the 40 pound begans as they ran […]

Veterans who served for short time found to be at higher risk of self-harm

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A study by the University of Glasgow has found that veterans who serve for a short time are at an increased risk of non-fatal self-harm.  The study examined nearly 57,000 veterans alongside 172,000 people with no record of military service over a period of 30 years. Increased risk The overall risk of self-harm to veterans […]