Don’t let money get on top of you when you leave the military

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Personal finance can be an emotional subject as well as a complicated one. We break down some of the top money worries and point you in the direction of support. Many ex-service men and women struggle financially after they leave the Forces. It’s important to remember that whatever your  financial concerns are, there are […]

How to ace a job interview if you’ve just left the Armed Forces

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After spending hours meticulously perfecting your CV in order to get a call back, the thought of attending a big interview can be daunting. It can be stressful if you’ve just left the Armed Forces and haven’t attended a job interview in years, or maybe ever. No matter what industry you hope to get into, […]

The importance of relationships when you’ve just left the military

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“Everyone’s experience of leaving the service is individual and unique,” says Denise Knowles, a counsellor at Relate, the UK’s largest provider of relationship support. “It’s all about managing expectations, for the person leaving the services, but also for their family.” Transitioning from the military into civilian life can come with challenges and new experiences, and […]

Ready for a new mission at Jaguar Land Rover’s Haelwood Plant


Jaguar Land Rover tell us about their work with the Armed Forces community Jaguar Land Rover’s support for the inspirational Armed Services charity Mission Motorsport has already proved to be a major success on a number of fronts. As well as playing a vital role in helping many injured former service personnel to “race, recover […]