About Advance

Every year, 20,000 men and women leave the British Forces.

Some leave to take on a new challenge. Others to spend more time with the families. A number are medically discharged. But they all have one thing in common – they’re hard workers, armed with determination, commitment and ready for anything life throws at them.

They also need a bit of guidance. After a career in the Forces, you become accustomed to certain ways – and the transition to civilian life can be a lot to undertake.

Which is where Advance comes in.

A brand new magazine for service leavers going through the resettlement process, Advance will be packed with advice, information and ideas for ex-Forces personnel moving on to the next phase in their life.

From careers to education and training, finance to housing, we’ll be covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to service leavers during the two-year resettlement process, whether they’re leaving the Army, the RAF or the Royal Navy.

Launching in the summer of 2017, Advance is ready and waiting to make its mark amongst ex-Forces personnel. Will you be involved?