Operation Veteran Railcard is active to guarantee reduced rail fairs

A Veterans Railcard is now available to support UK Veterans and their families with savings on rail travel.

The Railcard will be valid for travel from 5 November.

Currently on sale for an introductory price of just £21 for one year, until 31 March 2021, the Veterans Railcard will retail at £30 after this date.

A 3-year Railcard is also available for an introductory price of just £61, if purchased before 31 March 2021, instead of the normal retail price of £70.


Aimed at supporting veterans post-service, the newly unveiled railcard will provide up to a third off all peak and off-peak fares, as well as discounted travel for adult companions and children. 

“This is great news,” enthuses Ian Cumming, chief executive for Erskine – a charity providing unrivalled support to veterans in Scotland. 

“People who served in the Armed Forces, understandably, had roving lifestyles. As veterans, they may have settled a long way from their hometowns and families. 

“They will have old comrades and colleagues across the country. Erskine draws upon a network of donors and supporters, to help Veterans to live well within their communities. 



“With a Veterans Railcard our beneficiaries can now draw upon our network and the rail network too!”

The card will allow an estimated 830,000 veterans not eligible for existing railcards to get a discount off fares.

Captain Sir Tom Moore was the first recipient of the card which pays tribute to the Royal Navy, RAF and Army, using the colours featured on the veterans’ flag. 

Anyone who has served one day or more in the Armed Forces (regular or reserve), plus, Merchant Mariners who who have seen duty on legally defined military operations are also eligible.

The railcard will see you receiving discounts on rail travel in England, Wales and Scotland. 

Find out if you’re eligible for the card by visiting the Veterans Railcard website.

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