Getting CV savvy

Your CV is the gateway to your skills, so it’s important it makes a lasting impression. One recruiter shares his unique perspective of leaving the Armed Forces and expertly tailoring a CV.

Family first: Supporting military families

Leaving the Armed Forces is a large adjustment. As the time comes for your partner or spouse to transition into civilian life, Saskia Harper asks: What guidance is available for military families going through resettlement?

Getting Interview Ready

Job interviews are an integral part of the recruitment process, and everyone will experience a job interview at some point in their career. There are simple steps necessary to ace any interview, and confidence is the secret.

The blue lights of emergency care

If you’re looking for a job that will exercise the same skills as those acquired in the Armed Forces, and will challenge you in new ways, a role in the emergency services could be perfect for you.

Translating your transferable skills

Your time in the military has equipped you with numerous skills that are extremely valuable on civvy street. It can be hard to know how to market yourself to employers, but there’s support out there to help you find a career you’ll excel in.

Hitting the business bullseye

Leaving the Armed Forces you are well equipped with the drive it takes to master the business world. Skills and determination combined with the right support make ex-Forces personnel perfect entrepreneurs.

Logistics: a career that goes places

Moving things by road, rail and sea, the world of logistics has lots of exciting opportunities, many of which are brilliantly suited to ex-military personnel. We take a look at some of the best roles worth checking out Distribution manager A distribution manager plays a key part in logistics for many companies, coordinating the movement …

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