Logistics: a career that goes places

Moving things by road, rail and sea, the world of logistics has lots of exciting opportunities, many of which are brilliantly suited to ex-military personnel. We take a look at some of the best roles worth checking out

Distribution manager

A distribution manager plays a key part in logistics for many companies, coordinating the movement of goods from A to B. They’re responsible for making strategic decisions, coordinating inventory management, warehousing and haulage, tracking deliveries and much more. This is the person at the distribution hub deciding what goes where essentially – and making sure it makes it to its final destination. This job is all about organisation and logical thinking. Some employers look for a degree, but it’s not always essential.

Driver jobs

There’s a number of different jobs available in driving, from multi-drop van drivers delivering to homes, to HGV drivers going the length and breadth of the country. This is a good line of work for ex-Forces – you can use your organisation and planning skills to coordinate the best route, and to communicate back to your distribution hub. These roles are open to anyone with the appropriate driving license and background checks. Companies like DHL, Yodel and Amazon all have opportunities for ex-military personnel, so get in touch.

Warehouse manager

For big companies with lots of stock, an organised warehouse is essential – which is where warehouse managers come in. They’re responsible for making sure everything is safe and accounted for before it goes on to be dispatched to where it needs to be. On top of this, they’re tasked with implementing systems to track stock, they’re looking after staff and making sure there are no health and safety risks.

Warehouse operative

On the shop floor, warehouse operatives, or pickers, are there to pick stock for orders, packing packages, loading and unloading vans and lorries – they’re the people carrying out the managers’ orders essentially. This can be a physically demanding job with long hours, but if you have an organised mind, it’s a great line of work.

Import-export clerk

In this line of work, you’ll need to be a strong communicator with first-class organisational skills. Import-export clerks manage freight bookings using a computer system, check order forms and tax documents, arrange deliveries between ports, airports and houses, handle invoices and deal with problems or delays. It’s a really varied role, where you get to speak with people from all over the world.

Forklift truck driver

Get your forklift license and this could be the job for you! This is an important role in warehouses across the country, with qualified drivers responsible for shifting heavy goods and unloading equipment. With time and experience, you could get promoted to shift leader or supervisor.

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