Getting Interview Ready

Job interviews are an integral part of the recruitment process, and everyone will experience a job interview at some point in their career. There are simple steps necessary to ace any interview, and confidence is the secret.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that job interviews can cause even the most confident to worry. The nerves of being put on the spot and having people assess your abilities never go away, but there are ways to manage your nerves to ensure you can be as successful as possible at every job interview.


When you’re invited for a job interview, the first thing you should do is research the company. We don’t just mean scrolling through their social media: look up their website and learn key facts from their history and any milestones or achievements they’ve celebrated.

Websites such as Glassdoor ( can be a great help when researching before an interview. Glassdoor compiles interview experiences from people who have been successful and unsuccessful, giving an indication of interview structures and questions, so you can go in with a rough idea of what to expect.

It also features testimonials from current employees about the work environment, salary information and job descriptions, so you have all the information to hand when you step into that interview room. Research is the only way to ensure you’re as prepared as possible, which will, in turn, boost your confidence.


You might have worries before an interview, but if you’re wearing clothes you feel comfortable and confident
in, this will help improve your overall mood and self-belief.

That doesn’t mean to say you should arrive to an interview in your jeans, however. Look up beforehand to see
if the company has a dress code you should adhere to. You can’t go wrong with a shirt and tie, a smart suit or a dress. If you look the part on the outside, it will help you feel the part on the inside.

Plus, first impressions count.


Make sure to prepare some questions for the interviewer: not only does this look like you’re interested in the role and want to learn more, but it will also give you the opportunity to find out vital information about your potential future workplace.

Ask open-ended questions about the atmosphere, opportunities for promotions down the line and what the interviewer likes about working for the company. This will leave a lasting impression and you can see if you picture yourself as part of the team.

It’s also a good idea to ask for feedback on your interview performance, so that if you’re not successful, you know the areas you can improve on to build your confidence for the next interview.

There’s no doubt that interviews can be tough, but being prepared will boost your confidence and ensure you have the best interview experience possible.

You can find additional interview advice from Reed, Connect Appointments, and Monster.

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