Comparing Britain’s attitude towards the Armed Forces community

A new study by YouGov has revealed that Brits are split between who in the Armed Forces they would consider a hero. 

Ever since 2009, the UK has celebrated Armed Forces Day, an extension of the previous Veterans Day celebration. It was implemented to raise awareness and appreciation for those who serve or had served in the country’s Armed Forces.

The survey was conducted in the United States, Great Britain and Germany and uncovered extreme differences in attitudes in each country towards which troops people consider to be heroes.

Over 1,500 Brits were asked which members of the armed forces, if any, should be considered heroes.

The response was most unified in America where 50 per cent of people said that everyone serving in the Armed Forces is a hero, regardless of their role or experience.

In Britain the response was split. A third of respondents also consider all Armed Forces personnel to be heroes, while an opposing third believe that only those who have performed particularly brave acts should be described as heroes.

In Germany the most common response was that no members of the Armed Forces community should be described as heroes. Around a third of Germans gave this response compared to five per cent of Americans and six per cent of British people.

Younger Brits and Germans were more likely to describe all troops as heroes, while younger Americans said that those involved in combat roles should be described as heroes or that they were unsure.

The way respondents voted in the European Union referendum was also taken into consideration. A higher percentage of leave voters considered all troops to be heroes whereas remain voters said they would consider those who performed particularly brave acts as heroes.

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