Preparing for fireworks this Bonfire Night

Fireworks are used to celebrate various dates in the calendar, such as New Year and the impending Bonfire Night on 5 November. But for veterans and those living with PTSD, this time of year can be distressing and even trigger flashbacks, or other symptoms of the condition.

A beacon of hope from All Call Signs

Using Armed Forces experience and a peer-to-peer communication service, All Call Signs has saved at least 47 lives in the last year. We speak to co-founder Dan Arnold about why the service is so important.

The importance of relationships when you’ve just left the military

“Everyone’s experience of leaving the service is individual and unique,” says Denise Knowles, a counsellor at Relate, the UK’s largest provider of relationship support. “It’s all about managing expectations, for the person leaving the services, but also for their family.” Transitioning from the military into civilian life can come with challenges and new experiences, and …

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It’s time to talk

  In a line of work where self-reliance is encouraged, many members of the Forces are reluctant to speak out about what’s going on inside their heads – but experts say it’s time they did Mental health problems are on the rise in the UK – and amongst the military community. Experts reckon that this …

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