Veterans employment charity, The Poppy Factory launches #WorkingWithPTSD initiative

Veterans employment charity, The Poppy Factory, has launched their #WorkingWithPTSD campaign today (28 November).

The campaign aims to highlight that veterans with PTSD can and do thrive in employment.

However, a YouGov poll has shown that 85 per cent of people surveyed believe it would be difficult for someone with PTSD to stay in employment for 12 months or longer.


The poll was carried out by The Poppy Factory, hoping to understand public perceptions of the challenges faced by those with PTSD.

It found that 83 per cent thought having supportive friends, family and co-workers is the key priority for those with mental health conditions at Christmas time; second on the list of priorities was financial status, with 64 per cent saying being able to pay rent and bills was also of high importance.

The charity seeks to get sick, injured and wounded veterans back into employment after they leave the armed forces.

Not only does The Poppy Factory look for jobs, but they discover sustainable opportunities that will enable service users to thrive and feel valued in the workplace, and contribute to their communities.


The research carried out by the charity is part of their Working with PTSD campaign, and hopes to highlight that with the right support, people who have PTSD can enjoy employment, and make a difference at work.

Currently, four fifths of the people helped by the charity have a mental health condition, and the charity has helped over 1,000 veterans back into employment since 2010.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health condition, please reach out to one of the organisations working hard to provide support. Reaching out is often the first step on the road to recovery.

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