Utilising ELCAS for leadership and management training with Cherith Simmons

For the last 30 years Cherith Simmons has been providing specialist leadership and management training, but for more than eight years the company has worked with ELCAS.

“We have historic links to the Services and believe that service people have a lot to offer not only the country in general, but business in particular,” emphasises Mike Hollamby from Cherith Simmons.


The company believes that the transferable skills gained in the Armed Forces can be an asset to any business.

“Ex-service people are generally well-motivated, disciplined and open in their approach to training, but may lack a formal qualification that will give them that leg up the ladder,” explains Mike.

“We can help them get that and the employer gains benefits from both their attitude and their skillset as well.”

Credit: Cherith Simmons


Training with Cherith Simmons comes with the option to complete work online, allowing you to work at a time and place that suits you.

“Many of the veterans opt for Distance Learning, where they can learn at home or work and don’t have to attend workshops,” says Mike. “But you can also go for attended tuition or a mixture of both if you want.”

Each veteran is assigned a client services manager (CSM) who helps them correctly enrol on a course and access the relevant materials, Mike says: “The CSM will keep an eye on your progress through the course and notify you if it looks like you’re falling behind with any submissions you need to make for the qualification.”

With a focus on helping people to improve, upskill and move forward, Cherith Simmons is dedicated to providing worthwhile training opportunities for veterans.

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