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Great training is the key to success in the workplace after the Armed Forces. By using the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) you can ensure you are prepared to take your new career further.

The ELCAS scheme provides financial support for training with approved providers from the Ministry of Defence (MoD). We speak to veterans and training providers about the difference the funding can make when you return to civvy street.


After serving in the Armed Forces for more than 20 years, and with two small children, Kelly wanted to follow a career path which provided her with flexibility. Having three dogs of her own and some encouragement from a friend, Kelly decided to pursue a career in dog grooming.

“I’d never picked a pair of scissors up, never touched a pair of clippers,” remembers Kelly. “I knew I needed the full course.”

Instead of completing a qualification at college, Kelly decided to contact training provider Look North Grooming and Training Centre. At the grooming and training centre she completed a City and Guilds Level 3 Introductory Certificating in Grooming, but it wouldn’t have been possible without ELCAS.

“I wouldn’t have been able to afford it without [ELCAS] and I know I’m probably one of lucky ones,” explains Kelly. “It was a lot of money, so it was a massive help.”

Since completing her training, Kelly now has a successful dog grooming career that works around her. Kelly urges other service leavers to utilise the ELCAS service, she says: “Don’t waste your ELCAS, use it right and make sure it’s something you want to do, then go for it.”


The skills you learn in the Armed Forces will benefit you in any career. When Anthony started the resettlement process he wanted to combine his skills and interests to build a new career in the health and safety industry.

“I started thinking about jobs I was interested in and the common themes of health and safety kept cropping up,” remembers Anthony.

While Anthony was researching the qualifications he needed to pursue a career in health and safety he found Andy, founder of Southwest Health and Safety Training.

Specialising in providing expert health and safety training services, the company is a premium training provider within the training sector. Anthony says: “I found Southwest Health and Safety and they took it from there, it was a really simple process. I think the ELCAS package deal that Southwest are offering is one of the best value for money deals around.

“It’s free training essentially, you’ve got to pay a contribution but it’s a nominal fee compared to what you get.”

Before making a final decision on how to use your Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC), it is important to spend time doing research, Anthony says: “Shop around to find a provider that is there to help you, and try get as much as you can out of it.”

Anthony has now discovered a passion for training himself and would like to deliver training in health and safety in the future.


For the last 30 years Cherith Simmons has been providing specialist leadership and management training, but for more than eight years the company has worked with ELCAS.

“We have historic links to the Services and believe that service people have a lot to offer not only the country in general, but business in particular,” emphasises Mike Hollamby from Cherith Simmons.

The company believes that the transferable skills gained in the Armed Forces can be an asset to any business.

“Ex-service people are generally well-motivated, disciplined and open in their approach to training, but may lack a formal qualification that will give them that leg up the ladder,” explains Mike. “We can help them get that and the employer gains benefits from both their attitude and their skillset as well.”

Training with Cherith Simmons comes with the option to complete work online, allowing you to work at a time and place that suits you. “Many of the veterans opt for Distance Learning, where they can learn at home or work and don’t have to attend workshops,” says Mike. “But you can also go for attended tuition or a mixture of both if you want.”

Each veteran is assigned a client services manager (CSM) who helps them correctly enrol on a course and access the relevant materials, Mike says: “The CSM will keep an eye on your progress through the course and notify you if it looks like you’re falling behind with any submissions you need to make for the qualification.”

With a focus on helping people to improve, up skill and move forward, Cherith Simmons is dedicated to providing worthwhile training opportunities for veterans.


Delivering a range of nationally recognised qualifications for fitness instructors and personal trainers, Premier Global is a leading training provider in the health and fitness sector. By utilising skills from the Armed Forces, Premier Global knows that service leavers are an asset to the industry.

Vince Glover leads funding and quality improvement for the company, he says: “Working with ELCAS is so important because it helps us to fulfil our core mission and vision – to enable as many people as possible to re-train and up-skill within the fitness sector.”

From looking at qualifications to completing a diploma, Premier Global ensures veterans are supported to achieve their goals. “Participants can access details from our Course Advisors to ensure that the course is right for them and their plans for resettlement,” explains Vince. “Flexibility and accessibility are USPs built into the programme, [there’s] no need to attend an assessment centre,” he adds.

No matter what qualification you decide to complete, choosing the right training provider is paramount, Vince says: “Use your ELCs wisely to ensure that you are fully supported and gain the skills and knowledge that you need for successful resettlement.” Search for an approved provider or course online at www.enhancedlearningcredits.com

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