Got 5? Your guide to register your vote as a veteran in local elections

Local elections in England are fast approaching, but how do you register to vote after leaving the Armed Forces?

Voting is one of the most important, democratic tasks anyone can take part in – and it is vital that you do. The next set of elections will take place across certain parts of England and Northern Ireland on 2 May, this will be for the local elections.

During a local election you will have the opportunity to decide who is the representative for your area.

The voting process is similar to a general election; however, you will be voting for one person who may be affiliated to a political party to become a member of your council. Whereas for a general election you are voting for a member of a political party to become a Member of Parliament (MP) in your area.


For the upcoming 2 May elections, you will need to register to vote by midnight 12 April. Registering to vote is free, fast, and easy to do.

Simply visit the government website to register to vote. Or for Armed Forces personnel still serving and their family, there is a dedicated voting section available onlineto register your vote.

It takes only five minutes to register your vote and you only need to register once. If you have changed address, name, or nationality you will have to re-register for your vote in UK elections.

Make sure to have your: National Insurance Number or your passport if you’re a British citizen living abroad, and want to vote in England, Scotland or Wales.


Everyone always emphasises the importance of registering to vote, but why is it so important?

Living in a democratic society, voting is your way to have a say on what happens in our government, who represents you and your local constituency, and most importantly, to share your views on what happens in laws across the United Kingdom.

Anyone who is over 18 and is a British, Irish or EU citizen is capable to share their vote – and every vote counts.

Make sure you remember to register before midnight 12 April for the upcoming local elections. Once you’ve registered you won’t have to re-register for the next general election.

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