The significance of Commonwealth Day for the Armed Forces

Today (11 March) is Commonwealth Day, a chance to celebrate the diversity and unity of the Commonwealth.

What is the Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth is a union of 53 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom. Member countries come from the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas.

There are 2.4 billion people in the Commonwealth, amounting to around 30 per cent of the world’s population. More than half of these are young people under the age of 30.

The Commonwealth works to promote democracy, create prosperity, boost trade, protect human rights and regenerate the environment.

Commonwealth Day 2019 marks 70 years since the formation of the Commonwealth that we know today.

Today, events will take place to celebrate Commonwealth Day throughout the country, most notably at Westminster Abbey.

This year’s theme is A Connected Commonwealth: A time to celebrate diversity, our differences and the unity of the Commonwealth.

How does it impact the Armed Forces?

The Commonwealth and the Armed Forces have many links. The Queen is both the Head of the Armed Forces and the Head of the Commonwealth, making the day significant for the military.

Commonwealth nations have been some of Britains most important military allies throughout history, most notably during the First and Second World Wars.

Troops from the Commonwealth have been involved in some of the most significant modern day conflicts. Seven member states played a role in Afghanistan alongside British Armed Forces resulting in the largest number of Canadian fatalities in a single mission since the Korean War.

The day is also a chance to celebrate and unite with Commonwealth citizens in the British Armed Forces.

Soldiers from the Commonwealth are able to join the British military and serve alongside our Armed Forces, promoting diversity and friendship.

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